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Gavin Atkinson from G2B

Gavin's story

Our managing director and lead consultant, Gavin Atkinson, has over 20 years experience helping advise governments worldwide on transforming their website and digital offerings to business. He can help with:

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Gavin makes a big difference to Governments delivering to business

Craig Humphrey

Gavin has an extraordinary ability to engage and totally understand the needs of our customers.

Gavin's extensive knowledge of contemporary digital methods ensured the delivery of Government content was concise and more importantly relevant.

Gavin’s online experience & skills were a primary reason for our success. I thoroughly recommend him.

Craig Humphrey Executive Director
Simon Fisher,

Gavin’s extensive knowledge and understanding of Government to Business relationships covers a number of channels.

Gavin places great importance on producing reports with actionable recommendations.

He looks at the short, medium and long term to ensure that government agencies can take action incrementally and gain long term value from his work.

Simon Fisher Content Manager
Doug Robinson

Gavin transformed our customer insight identifying the recession & its policy implications to the UK economy 6 weeks before it hit the media.

On top of this Gavin innovatively pinpointed how our customers used BusinessLink and developed avant-garde engagement strategies.

I strongly endorse Gavin and his unique skills and experience.

Doug Robinson Head of Customer Proposition
Pain for government organizations delivering to businesses

Got a painful problem with your
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Gavin can help