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Niche Government to Business portals: Part 2

Last week I explored the concept of niche Government to Business portals before looking at Ontario’s Export portal. That was an example of what to avoid if going down the path of a niche Government to Business portal. But this week I’m going to take you in a different direction: when a government delivers a […]

by Gavin Atkinson • November 28, 2017
Government niche specialized export portals: what works, what doesn't?
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Niche Government to Business portals: Part 1

I’m a strong advocate of Governments embracing a customer-centric portal, bringing together  everything a business needs in your jurisdiction to start, grow and employ. It’s fantastic for your businesses as it makes it easier to navigate government and when done right saves them time and money.   Better yet for government leaders, when you make […]

by Gavin Atkinson • November 16, 2017
World Bank Doing Business 2018 report
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World Bank’s Doing Business report: learnings for your Government portal

This week the World Bank released its annual review into the impact of government on businesses’ ability to start, grow, employ and trade. Not much had radically changed since my last review of this report three years ago. But this year there’s one clear message for governments: digitally transform. You can pretty much flick through any […]

by Gavin Atkinson • November 4, 2017
European Union focuses on eGovernment for businesses
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Europe keeps business firmly in its eGovernment sights

Early this month the European Union’s Tallinn Declaration set a clear direction for its governments when it comes to digital service delivery: business is just as important as citizens. When it comes to positioning businesses equally with citizens the EU have been trail-blazers for a while now. Back in 2009 the Malmö Declaration on eGovernment firmly set […]

by Gavin Atkinson • October 26, 2017