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Foreign language use in attracting investment
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Investment attraction online: a government case study

When it comes to countries you’ve probably never heard of, Guyana unfortunately makes the list. It is the only English speaking nation in South America and is heavily integrated into the Caribbean. With a wealth of resources and a new pro-business reformist government it should be attracting foreign investment. So why then have you never […]

by Gavin Atkinson • July 28, 2016
UK Government and G2B service delivery for business customers
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6 easy lessons from the UK Government’s G2B campaigns

After almost two months in London I was amazed at some of the things the United Kingdom are doing in the Government-to-Business space. Some good, but surprisingly many not so good. I thought it’d be great to share this with you so you can better deliver services online to businesses in your jurisdiction. I’ll predominantly […]

by Gavin Atkinson • February 2, 2015
World Bank Doing Business 2015 report
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What you can learn from the World Bank’s “Doing Business” report

Just the other week the World Bank released its “Doing Business” report, a summary of how every country in the world is reforming their economies to better enable entrepreneurship and streamline red tape. Key findings for governments delivering services online to business Beyond its 318 pages though are some excellent gems for any government to […]

by Gavin Atkinson • November 17, 2014
Ireland's first stop shop for business
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Ireland’s First Stop Shop for business: how does it stack up?

Just the other day I came across an article in Business & Leadership about the Irish Government’s efforts to help small to medium businesses. I’m always interested to see how governments approach this challenging problem. If you have similar government responsibilities you no doubt will be interested too. Painting a picture of successful Government-to-Business services […]

by Gavin Atkinson • September 25, 2014