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Merrimack River: Home to Haverhill and Concord's business attraction sites
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City Government to Business websites running strong

This month another great city government website attracting business investment went live in Concord, New Hampshire. There must be something in the water of Merrimack Valley as within a short period of time both Concord and Haverhill, Massachusetts have launched websites aimed at economic development. Invest Concord’s site uses great design and user experience to […]

by Gavin Atkinson • February 23, 2018
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US Government shutdown: websites dodge a Google bullet

This week the United States federal government experienced a three day impasse over the budget, effectively shutting down America’s government. Conceptually you can imagine government offices closing but in the digital age surely the online channel would remain on. Or would it? During the sixteen day long shutdown of 2013 countless websites closed their virtual […]

by Gavin Atkinson • January 24, 2018
One-Stop Shop for Government to Business
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When is a One-Stop shop not a One-Stop shop?

The Center for Digital Government’s 2017 Government to Business experience winners were mostly all cities, including Los Angeles and Long Beach who I’ve previously analysed. But what about fellow winner from the state of Indiana, INBiz? This week they got a bit of media attention with over 250,000 businesses now registered and conducting business with them online […]

by Gavin Atkinson • January 17, 2018
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Why reinvent the wheel? Open source & Government to Business portals

This week the Minneapolis Business Portal went live. And if you’re familiar with Long Beach’s Business Portal you may even give it a second glance. Why? The City of Minneapolis re-uses Long Beach’s tried and tested design and code base, bringing to market a great product much faster than starting from scratch. Open source and […]

by Gavin Atkinson • January 8, 2018