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A/B testing

How optimizing your Government to Business site is now so easy

by Gavin Atkinson • April 15, 2017

Think about your own web browsing patterns and the hundreds of subconscious decisions you make every time you visit a web site. Your quickly scan a page actively seeking what you’re after when performing a task. The pivotal question to consider is how well do your government organization’s web pages perform when one of your […]

Death of the single government portal

Australia’s nail in the coffin of one portal to rule them all

by Gavin Atkinson • March 14, 2017

Today in an Australian Senate Committee meeting room a fundamental and essential change happened. The idea of a single government portal to rule them all was quietly buried. Hoorah for business customers! Now, I’m not saying a proliferation of government websites is the way to go. Far from it. But what this does mean is […]

Indian business

A Government to Business revolution or a patchwork fizzle?

by Gavin Atkinson • February 10, 2017

India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi is creating the conditions for economic development, and its all by encouraging greater business growth. Government websites are increasingly pro-business focused. Press releases are pumped out almost daily from various ministers at a national and state level on how they’ve launched a new business portal for almost everything. But what […]

Theresa May announcing the UK Government's plans for Brexit

Brexit’s impact on Government to Business service delivery

by Gavin Atkinson • January 18, 2017

Today’s Brexit announcement by British Prime Minister Theresa May sets a clear direction for the UK’s departure from the EU. But what does it mean to businesses when dealing with government online? And as a result what is the impact on government departments and agencies managing their services for business? UK G2B services to get […]