Capability development for Government to Business websites

Capability building

Looking for diagnostic tools your Government to Business organization can roll out to local businesses?

Access a suite of benchmarking tools for your Government to Business website or deliver face-to-face.

Virtual Adviser ®

Want a quick win? This ready to rollout online diagnostic tool gives businesses a boost.


By answering a series of questions Virtual Adviser delivers a user friendly report in 15 minutes or less.


The tool offers immense value to businesses, helping identify where they can improve and how to do so.


Virtual Adviser also helps businesses benchmark themselves against peers in their industry sector.


It delivers instant improvement advice and access to resources you already have across your Government to Business website.


Any gaps in your web content? It’s easy to add support information that can be tailored to your local jurisdiction.


This ready to use online tool is locally branded and being used by many governments across Europe.

Impact Assessment

Government websites have saved local business over $250 million. How much are you achieving?


Using a proven global methodology, the performance and effectiveness of your Government to Business portal or website can be assessed.


Identifies time and money savings your local businesses are realizing from using your Government website.


Suits government organizations set baselines for a business case or as part of a longitudinal survey into overall impact and performance.


Also available as a one-off health check to help identify benefits and value your portal or website is currently delivering.


It helps deliver marketing insight from analysing the data to see areas of strengths and weakness to target support.


Helps also identify opportunities for improvement and enhanced benefit using a combination of quantitative and qualitative measures.

More great capability building tools for your Government organization

Gavin can also help you deliver immense value with a range of other diagnostic tools.

These can be delivered face-to-face by your local business advisers, or with some limited tailoring also delivered online. They are currently being used by governments around the world:

Start up business planning tool

Business intenders can use this online tool to produce focused action plans covering their:

  • Vision
  • Strategy
  • Goals
  • Main products and services
  • Markets
  • Self-assessment
  • Financial forecasting tool using benchmarking data

Easily tailored to your Government organization’s branding to help start up businesses.

Environmental assessment tool

Your local businesses receive a facilitated assessment of their environmental performance & practices covering:

  • Energy use
  • Water use
  • Waste and resource recovery
  • Material utilisation
  • Strategy and compliance
  • Supply chain management
  • Environmental management systems

The tool also helps businesses better understand their financials, action planning and practice levels.

Business review tool

This facilitated comprehensive tool helps your existing businesses assess a range of improvement areas:

  • Business overview
  • Business improvement action plan
  • Leadership and strategy
  • Industry analysis
  • Marketing analysis
  • Business analysis
  • Financial analysis
  • Business metrics
  • Achieving excellence

Make an impact

Get access to a valuable body of data collected that can be converted into knowledge. This information provides insight to baseline current circumstances, helping to inform future priorities, strategies and policy.

Supply chain tool

Looking to enhance capability for local businesses participating in supply chains for large infrastructure projects?

This benchmarking tool measures a business’ performance, capability, capacity and barriers to participation. It gives an overall picture for business about their “fit to supply” level and helps identify areas in their capability and capacity they can improve.

The tool also identifies match making opportunities between buyers and suppliers to help businesses in your jurisdiction to connect.

Benchmarking index

This diagnostic benchmarking tool can be used for local business support, productivity improvement and economic development.

It baselines a business’ existing performance and practice levels and compares it to other similar businesses based on sector, size and location.

This incredibly robust index already has over 120,000 sets of comparable data to draw on and is used across 40 countries. It gives invaluable longitudinal impact to your local businesses.

Organizational competency

This qualitative tool helps businesses in your local jurisdiction assess their organizational competency.

With the support of an adviser, it concentrates on seven areas of business competency by evaluating a business owners’ response to over ninety qualitative statements.

By completing this tool, businesses can identify gaps in their performance and practice in which they can improve.


Governments love Gavin's work

  • Gavin has an extraordinary ability to engage and totally understand the needs of our customers. Gavin's extensive knowledge of contemporary digital methods ensured the delivery of Government content was concise and more importantly relevant. Gavin’s online experience & skills were a primary reason for our success. I thoroughly recommend him.
    — Craig Humphrey
  • Gavin’s extensive knowledge and understanding of Government to Business relationships covers a number of channels. Gavin places great importance on producing reports with actionable recommendations. He looks at the short, medium and long term to ensure that government agencies can take action incrementally and gain long term value from his work.
    — Simon Fisher
  • Gavin transformed our customer insight identifying the recession & its policy implications to the UK economy 6 weeks before it hit the media. On top of this Gavin innovatively pinpointed how our customers used BusinessLink and developed avant-garde engagement strategies. I strongly endorse Gavin and his unique skills and experience.
    — Doug Robinson

Build greater capability

With our handy diagnostic tools, research and training, you can take your Government to Business website to the next level


This self-service tool helps business owners by empowering their staff to assess their own skills, particularly leadership and management skills.


Improve the sustainability of businesses in your local area. Address the “triple bottom line” and sustainability management covering financial, social and environmental factors.


This quantitative benchmarking tool helps identify strengths and weaknesses for your local tourism businesses and helps them develop an improvement plan.


Building on the Benchmark Index and Business Adviser, this index is tailored specifically to help retail businesses in your local jurisdiction.


A series of digital tools that your government can provide to accountants and other intermediaries to help them better support business clients in your jurisdiction.


Raise the capability within your own Government to Business organization with our focused training and support modules. Take your team to the next level!

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