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Government to Business Community: terms and conditions

To help create a free private community for Government to Business professionals we need to set a few ground rules. Nothing serious, but its important we have them to protect you and your experience in the community.

For starters, please respect the views and opinions of others in the community. By joining you acknowledge any comments you make are your responsibility. Neither Gavin, Government to Business' parent e-Gov Results Pty Ltd, or the community members collectively, are responsible for any comments you, or any other member makes.

We reserve the right to cancel anyone's membership who isn't respectful of the of the views of others, or slander or demean others.

The community is for Government professionals responsible for Government to Business websites, portals or other digital delivery platforms in their jurisdiction. We will not stand any attempt to spam or overtly promote products or services to the community. Anyone who does will have their membership cancelled. To help reduce the risk of that, we only accept membership from professionals working for a government organization. At this stage private sector partners do not have access to the community.

If you have any other queries about access to the community and what is, or isn't acceptable behaviour, please use our form below: